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There are in the market many ways to send big files to others, actually, in these days everyone has good internet connections and good hardware, so your sending files action is pretty good. But, some cases these big files takes too long to be sent, this is one of the reasons we need to have to compress our files. Other reason could be when we realize that we need more space in your hard disk, because sometimes we need extra space for new movies, photos, etc, but we cannot delete any files because, we are going to use them later or anytime. File compression is the answer for this. WinZip is an excellent tool to obtain file compressions. WinZip has special features to compress, this program compact files through archives or zip files, what is this? Well, zip files are archives used for storing and distributing files and these can contain one or more files.
The compression depends in how little or big you want to compress your files, you have the option. WinZip has a good feature called Wizard, which will take you through the entire program, helping you to compress in a wise way any archive.
Now, WinZip will compress your JPEG files (digital photos or graphic images) by 20 to 25% and still without any loss of photo quality or data integrity, it is an excellent way to send pictures, graphics, etc.
In this version you can transfer and compress photos directly from your digital camera. (Cameras that support Windows Image Acquisition Technology)
Well, we can talk and describe so many things about this excellent tool, take your moment and visit its main site and learn how to compress and send in a minute!

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