WinZip 9.0

WinZip 9.0 helps in compressing and extracting files
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WinZip has been the foremost application for dealing with compressed files for long time, and version 9.0 maintains the tradition. It keeps the familiar Windows Explorer interface, drag-and-drop capability, right-click menu integration, and a foolproof Wizard option that makes any archiving task a snap. It improves the already rock-solid classic Zip program by adding stronger AES encryption and greater archive size to this powerful utility. It is also a sound investment for any PC. WinZip 9.0 is straightforward to install: At its installation, you can specify which archive types to associate WinZip with. You just click the 2.3MB installer file to follow the usual prompts to accept the license agreement. With the installer you can associate WinZip with several different kinds of compression archive files, such as ARC, LZH, and TGZ. If you don't also use another compression app, such as PKZip or StuffIt, you can simply make WinZip your default one. It finishes the installation process by asking if you'd rather start out with WinZip's Classic interface or with its newer and easy-to-use Wizard interface. WinZip launches with either the Classic Explorer interface or as a wizard. You can easily encrypt your ZIP files by just entering a password. WinZip's adoption of 128-bit and 256-bit AES encryption brings version 9.0 up-to-date with the latest security developments as well as with direct competitors such as PKZip. WinZip can also create self-extracting executable files, split archives, and provide one-click access to any setup or installation programs contained within a zip archive.

Ndawula Muhamadi
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  • WinZip 9.0 offers easy installation; larger 64-bit archive sizes; improved AES encryption; beginner and power-user modes


  • WinZip 9.0 provides no telephone support
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